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Traveling in Greece

Traveling in Greece

Traveling in Greece

Greece isn’t a large country. But it has many assets that would make even much larger countries proud. For example, how many nations can name themselves “the Cradle of the Western Civilization”? How much more access three seas? But, Greece is much more than that. So read on to learn what to expect while traveling in Greece.

Cities of Greece

Athens and Thessaloniki are main Greek cities. About 60% of the total populace, if not more, resides in them.

Athens is the birthplace of democracy. Its major imprints are edifices that inspired architectures throughout the world. When there, visit the Acropolis, enjoy great views of the city and admire ancient structures.

Thessaloniki is the second largest Greek city. But it has one of the longest seaside promenades in Europe. The city abounds with remains from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras. At its threshold, you can find gorgeous Halkidiki, a home to beautiful nature, seaside and beaches.

Seas of Greece

While Athens is near the Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki accesses it. And beyond the horizon, endless islands of great beauty await you to discover them. The Santorini Islands advertise Greek tourism throughout the world. On Skopelos, popular “Mamma Mia” film came to existence.

The Ionian Sea won’t disappoint you neither, especially not its green island of Corfu and enchanting Zakynthos. Kefalonia, the largest Ionian island, was the stage for the “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” film.

Finally, Crete in the Mediterranean Sea is the largest and most populous Greek island. There, find the remains of the Minoan Civilization, the first one established in Europe.

Continental Greece

After all, give a chance to continental Greece. Its numerous national parks are sure to surprise you additionally. Inhabited by rich flora and fauna, they offer attractive animal-watching activities. Also, dense forests, wetlands and high mountains will delight you.

Traditional Greek hospitality

Most of all, you won’t forget the traditional Greek hospitality once you know it. While traveling in Greece, it will greet you everywhere. And if your way takes you to Gerakini and Sunday Summer Resort, you will experience the best of it.