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Top 5 Nature Paths in Halkidiki

Top 5 Nature Paths in Halkidiki

Top 5 Nature Paths in Halkidiki

Do you wish to explore the wondrous nature of Halkidiki? Here you can find all about the top nature paths for hiking and walk in this marvelous area of Greece.

Hiking, biking, and exploring wondrous and unique landscapes of lush green forests, woodlands, rocky paths, or grasslands is perhaps the best attraction in Halkidiki. I would say it is a colourful paradise in Greece. So, that makes Halkidiki the best place for adventurous travellers, nature lovers, and sea lovers. After all, Halkidiki’s nature is a fusion of green forests, rocky mountains, and the sea.

Here are the top five nature paths in Halkidiki for hiking, walking, and biking.

1. Sani – Bird Sanctuary – Sani

Basically, this route is the round of Sani. It is a relatively easy hike through the woods that are along the beautiful beach of Sani. Furthermore, it is adjusted to the bird sanctuary. The walk is approximately two hours and a half.

Right next to the bird sanctuary, there is also a small pond that is inhabited by turtles. Often, they tend to explore the forest, so hikers might be lucky and see a turtle on their venture. Additionally, Sani is, in fact, an ancient city. It was a prehistoric settlement that used to be in the area of the tower of Stavronikita, at the west of the Sani Holiday Beach Resort. However, the old city of Sani lies within the waters of the Aegean Sea.

2. Sani – Sani camping – Siviri

In terms of difficulty, this route is on a medium to hard level. Thus, many hikers choose to finish their walk at Sani camping or organise transport for their return. In total, the hike is about 20 km.

The path is dubbed as one of the most beautiful walks in Halkidiki. It passes through gorgeous woodlands along the cliff tops between Sani Beach Holiday Resort and Siviri. Furthermore, hikers might see unique and beautiful birds, butterflies, or colourful lizards, depending on the season.

3. Hanioti – Nea Skioni

This is another relatively easy nature path and another extraordinarily spectacular route. The distance is about 9 km with an altitude difference of about 300 m.

This path is quite unique and loved by hikers and travellers due to the four magnificent churches they need to pass by while moving from village to village to reach the end of the path. Meanwhile, it is a great excuse to take a break and immerse yourself in the countryside of Greece.

4. Mount Itamos – passage Ntragoudeli

This is an ideal route for beginner hikers as it offers comfortable roads and paths. The mountain of Itamos is one of the protected areas within Halkidiki. Thus it has both great infrastructure but also unique, natural, and preserved natural landscapes. You will find this few km from Sunday Summer Resort.

The views of both Sithonia and the Aegean Sea are marvelous.

5. The round of Polichrono

The round of Polichrono is the perfect route for experiencing a little bit of everything Halkidiki has. The path follows natural trails within a high valley and is surrounded by sandstone cliffs and pine forests. Nearby, there is the lake Mavrobara which hosts turtles. Thus, regularly hikers might get to see turtles walking by their side.

On the return path to Polichrono, hikers will enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the coast. The forest has tall trees reaching up towards the light from the bottoms of deep gorges covered with dense vegetation undergrowth. In springtime, the path is filled with colourful flowers, shrubs, and butterflies.