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Tips for Safe Swimming in the Sea and Pool

Tips for Safe Swimming in the Sea and Pool

Tips for Safe Swimming in the Sea and Pool

Most people look forward to enjoying the seaside with the arrival of summer. Activities like swimming, diving and water sports leave few people indifferent. But, everyone should take certain precautions to enjoy them in full. So, take into account Sunday Resort’s simple instructions and enjoy the sea of Halkidiki or any other.

Don’t get into water in rush

The sight of the beach and blue water tempts everyone to get into the water fast. But, you should refrain yourself from that. The average sea temperature is much lower than average air temperature in summer. Thus, abrupt entry into the sea or pool causes quite a shock to the organism.

All you need to do to avoid such an inconvenience is to get in the water gradually. Along the way, keep wetting your skin with a little water to achieve the balance sooner.

Apply sunscreen before entering the water

Many divers feel themselves safe from the sun rays beneath the water surface. But, that’s a misconception. The surface reflects rays to a certain degree, that’s true. But, most UV rays still penetrate the water and cause skin damage. Yet, the deeper you dive, the lesser negative effects are.

To keep yourself protected in the sea or pool, apply sunscreen on time or wear a shirt.

Benefits of swimming in the sea over swimming in the pool

Albeit swimming in the pool is very popular, enjoying the sea water brings many benefits. First, sea water is rich in minerals that feed your skin, making it soft. Furthermore, it cleanses your skin and treats certain illnesses. Finally, you can use salt water for a completely natural mouthwash.

Additionally, sea water can help you with discharging ear wax while pool water does the opposite. Since salt disintegrates ear wax, sea water can be helpful in the treatments of these small inconveniences.

No matter how much we are thorough about personal hygiene, we simply can’t reach back areas of our ear. Pool (or fresh) water may cause your ear wax to swell. Many pools working with Water Filters. This may lead to blocking ear channels if ear wax amasses too much.