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Heliotherapy The Sun Can Be Man’s Best Friend

Heliotherapy The Sun Can Be Man's Best Friend

Heliotherapy The Sun Can Be Man’s Best Friend

While too much sunbathing is damaging, controlled exposure to the sunlight has many benefits. One summer in Greece will help you heal & smile.

Heliotherapy: The Sun Can Be Man’s Best Friend

A touch of sunlight can make an enormous difference to our health and mood. Summer holidays in Greece will take you straight into the arms of the country where Helios was the God of the sun and Heliotherapy was born.

While too much exposure to the sun is no longer good due to the fear of skin cancer, damage, and aging, sensible sunbathing is good for you.

The benefits of Heliotherapy

Heliotherapy has been a big part of tuberculosis, bone, and skin treatments as early as the 1800s. The sun’s healing properties advocated by Hippocrates and carried on throughout the centuries thereafter are often in doubt today.

We are mostly warned about the sun damages rather its benefits and rightfully so. Too much exposure without sunscreen at midday is dangerous due to the UV radiation. But controlled exposure to the sun with sunscreens will have healing effects if you are suffering from aches, acne, eczema, and various skin disorders.

Controlled exposure to the sunlight will have you smile again

Heliotherapy is done with technical means. When you visit the Sunday Summer Resort in Gerakini, Halkidiki, you enjoy the real thing: natural sunlight. And you don’t need to lie on a sunbed to get the benefits of the sun. Just by walking down the street or along the beach is enough to refill your batteries and rejuvenate both body and soul.

Our hectic lives make us wake up before the sun comes up, spend hours indoors, and return home when the sun is set. Simply put, we don’t get enough sunlight. The result? Vitamin D deficiency and thus weak immune systems and bodies susceptible to the flu.

So, pack your sunscreens and sunglasses and get ready for some sunny days in Greece that will help you fight fatigue, muscle aches, and depression and build-up a healthy complexion.